Anybody can build a website theses days, right? For a few hundred pounds a DIY website can be created by pretty well anybody and can carry words and pictures about your products and services. There is nothing to it, right?

Well, although low-cost DIY solutions are available – with me-too templates that look like everybody elses – if you are serious about your business and serious about developing your business you might want to leave it to the professionals.

With advancing technology and the rise of social media, a company website – more than ever before – needs to align with the goals of the company and the needs of the target audience. Websites need to be organic – alive to the changing world and alive to changing markets and perceptions.


In the past it was necessary for web developers to be proficient in a wide range of software skills – html, JavaScript, PHP, CSS etc. To some extent it still is necessary to have access to these skills, but high-level web design environments – like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal – have enabled a concentration of effort towards creating websites that function as powerful marketing and communication tools. These days we can concentrate our efforts on business development by means of good web design.

At Silicon Duck Web Design we have experience at all levels and with all the software. “All the colours- in all the sizes!” More importantly we have a deep knowledge and understanding of how companies function. Our senior staff have managed PLC’s at the top level and owner-managed SME’s are a speciality. Our technical skills extend into the creative and aesthetic areas of photography and video production.

We also understand SEO and Social Media. Web design is all about content management these days. The use of blogs and news posts and the importance of publishing cannot be underestimated. In the past it was possible to fool search engines by creating links to other sites and by piling up keywords in certain areas. These days, thankfully, search engines are able to seek and find websites that are, in Google’s words  “popular, growing, changing and focused”.

A web design from Silicon Duck Web Design will be all of these things.
Contact us NOW – you will not be disappointed.